Free HYIP Script
This Basic version allows you to setup your site and get everything ready to go live. You are restricted to a maximum of 15 users and you are required to register. This download provides you with the ability to install the script on the server of your choice. We do recommend our own servers as they are already configured for the script and you can get up and running the fastest. Please note that The Shadow Scripts Software is only free to use for up to 15 active users. (this has now been discontinued)

Professional HYIP Script
The Professional version includes all the features of the free version and allows for added functionality not available in the Free download version. Professional users can enjoy custom configuration changes that can never be programed into a simple configuration GUI. The Professional HYIP Script or HYIP Manager requires Shadow Scripts certified technicians to setup and configure your system.

Free HYIP Script Download
Instructions on how to install the Shadow Scripts Software. this has now been discontinued

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