Free HYIP Script Download
Below are some of the core "components" of our HYIP Script. Many specific details can be configured for each of the components. This HYIP Script is already built with a large variety of options that have been developed over several years of research and development. We feel that this script is the most secure, and fully featured HYIP script available today. Download a copy today and check it out today. The basic version is a free download!

Surfing/Rating Sites
If you would like, you can enable surfing/rating sites in the system. This will be required by members to make their earnings. We can configure many aspects of surfing such as, how many credits people get for purchasing Ad Packs, how many seconds per site, how many they have to surf to earn, etc.

Tokens (Ad Packs, Investment Packs, etc)
The word "Token" is used to represent things people can earn on in your system. Some call them "Ad Packs", "Marketing Packages", "Investments", "Investment Packs", etc. You choose what you want to call them, and the text it everywhere "Tokens" are referenced in the software.

We can also setup tokens to earn %'s many different ways, such as a daily %, a % every 30 days, a % based on the maturity of the Token, etc. In addition we can also setup tokens to expire different ways, such as once they hit a MAX %, or after a certain amount of days, such as 45 days, or 1 year, etc.

You can configure different membership levels with an array of options per level, such as monthly fee, setup fees, and earnings for "Tokens". You can also have a matrix setup to run any way, based on membership fees. We can change the label of memberships to anything you want, such as "Subscriptions".

The "Wallet" is funded by members to then purchase things within the program, such as "Tokens" and "Memberships". We can configure the "Wallet" label to say anything you want. For example you may want to call it a "Vault", "Wallet", "Bank", "E-Wallet", etc.

Wallet Funding and Cashout Methods
The following are support for wallet funds, and cashouts. You can choose to accept any of them, and set minimum and maximum amounts, plus fees for each method.

* Bank Wires
* Solid Trust Pay
* Strict Pay
* Alert Pay
* Perfect Money
* Back to "Wallet" (Cash out Only)

You can choose to have a matrix enabled in your software that pays as you want it to, based off membership fees. This matrix can be setup any width, and can run two ways: Standard, or Company Forced. This is a great way to provide residual income to your members, and earn more cash flow.

Built In Support Ticket System
The software comes with a built in support ticket system so taking care of your customers questions is organized. You can setup members to have access to manage the support tickets as well. This is ideal if you have hired people to do your support work.

Custom Web Page Module
You can add custom web pages to the members back office easily with the "Custom Web Page" feature. This allows you to create custom pages containing information you want to show your members.

News & Updates Manager
With this module, you can post news and updates for your members to see on their back office homepage. This is a great way to display company updates, and to keep your members informed, and involved.

Any Many More...
There are many more features and even more configuration options for every aspet of the software.

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